Mika's Tinylog

This is a tinylog. Entries have a date suitable for `date -d`. But idk how about lack of links that might be not yet supported.

Tue Mar 8 11:06:40 CET 2022

The anxiety whenever I do speaking exercises with Duolingo in any language… I used to have that even with singing — and how the hell will I overcome this for voice training?!

Tue Mar 8 10:32:39 CET 2022

Ok I wrote myself an

alias flo	\
'pass -c flounder.online/m@mikf.pl && '\
'sftp sftp://mkf@flounder.online:2024/'

In the process I had the Shell-script[csh] mode of Emacs insert intendation before the line on TAB (it did intend-for-tab-command) instead of inserting a tab character (and i actually don't have the end of the alias line escaped but it's alias-TAB-pass-NEWLINE-sftp). So I did M-x eval-expression

(global-set-key (kbd "TAB") #'self-insert-command)

for that Emacs instance.

Tue Mar 8 09:48 CET 2022

I really need more of a script to write tinylog. As I described in /gemlog/2022-03-07.gmi , I open the file in emacs, then I add a new h2 and insert date with C-u M-! date, then i type in the entry, and then I first git commit (without magit yet) — and I git push, having to enter ssh key passphrase — and then I run `pass -c flounder.online/m@mikf.pl` to get the password into clipboard for 45 seconds only to then paste it to `!sftp` that I then type `put tinylog.gmi` in.

By now I'm often keeping an sftp session to Flounder just around running in a shell.

Ah damn, the one I just wanted to use didn't survive suspend. I couldn't even quit it!

Thu Mar 3 10:17:26 CET 2022

Huh: despite caps:ctrl_modifier, Lagrange doesn't react to my Ctrl-made Capslock in Ctrl+W or Ctrl+Q, but it does to the regular one.

That would be understandable given how my Seamonkey Composer somehow reacts to Ctrl+W with deleting a word despite it being a "Close" binding in my environment if it was for either, but that's not the case.

Tue Feb 22 01:45 CET 2022



Mon Feb 21 22:30 CET 2022

Ah damn both neochat and gomuks were in openbsd package repositories. I always search only for names with pkg_info -Q and then ports with make search key=. And there was this unix.stackexchange question i have bookmarked about how to searchin descriptions of packages but im always too lazy to get back to it.

What's fun, neochat didn't want to run before I pkg_add-ed `sonata`. An unspecified dependency?

Mon Feb 21 21:30 CET 2022

Wanting to install neochat, depending on knotification, depending on libcanberra, depending on hardbuzz, i had

+++ portstree-
--- inst-
--W harfbuzz.16.2
+-W hardbuzz.16.3

So instead of choosing a CVSROOT or whatever from anoncvs, I just downloaded snapshots/ports.tar.gz again and moved the old /usr/ports replacing it with newly extracted. And now it's compiling again. #OpenBSD

Sat 2022-02-19 20 CET

I created a tinylog, a chaoticlog (just a chaotic page w/o dates), and a Gem-reading page