Mika's gem reading

I will put there links to gem pages/capsules that I read or am reading

Chilly - weather (location by IP)

Antenna the Geminispace aggregator


starjump/Warren is a trans person gemlogging and championing minesweeper&tetris

Zoe is another person who vibelogs

aelspire is a Polish programmer gemlogging on tech and life

left_adjoint/clarissa is a trans CompSci educator&artist

Solène's tech blog on OpenBSD, Lisp, Nix and stuff

ew0k is the creator of Antenna, adventuring in tech

khuxkm maintains LEO orbit/gemring and does tech stuff and also writing

ajul/Julia is a trans Polish programmer gemlogging

Daniel Janus is a Polish programmer blogging




gemini://ageinghacker.net/ Luca Saiu's converting HTML to Gemtext