# 2022-04-27 urgent ink escapade laziness, and a webpage full of 2-4KB JPEGs Tomorrow at 4pm I have my occupational medicine examination necessary for signing my job contract on Monday. The referral for it needs to be printed beforehand. There are shops where you can print documents where they usually end up on the business's laptop thus forfeiting quite some secrecy -- and I have two printers, an F4580 and an Ink Advantage 3635 that are both yet in need of getting an ink replacement after we got them for free. The F4580 has replacement inks numbered "300" and the 3635 has HP ink boxes saying 652: F6V25AE BHK and F6V24AE BHK. The referral for tomorrow has less secrecy in it, but there are also some documents that I will need for May 2nd and they have a bit more secrecy in them. (And April 30th is a Saturday and May 1st is a Sunday and a holiday and there is a holiday on the 3rd and on the 2nd I am going by a morning train.) So either I will move my ass ASAP and try to still buy the inks (too late for the shops that print) or I will have to rush tomorrow earlier to be sure to manage to print that referral in the shops. And I even have the e-scooter fixed for that, with a working brake now even! (And I had that done cheaply by one word-of-mouth recommended guy here in nothern PoznaƄ, replacement of rear fender's support was 40PLN for the part, replacing the broken brake disc was 25PLN for the part, and 20PLN for the handiwork (i wordlessly tipped 15PLN and then it turned out even the standing pad got cleaned and the tires pumped!)!) I planned to, four hours ago, head to electronics supermarkets and try to buy these inks. Instead though I ended up playing with my spacehey.com profile => https://spacehey.com/mkf and making a lowres selfie page for my home website => https://a.mikf.pl/selfies.html The latter was fun. I arbitrarily decided that all the pics will be 376px high and just inline. Then I decided to not play with dithering+gif anymore but instead just have very low quality JPEGs. I exported each image one by one with GIMP's export quality preview tool. * first batch was photos a bit older (pre-mid 2021) and I was making them 4KB~8KB with Q 15~30, also preferred a width of 346px or not much less * second batch I had my mind more at ease with making really narrow crops so I mostly went under 150px in width, and I was making them from 1KB small mostly up to 4KB, at Q from 0 or 4 to 15, rarely 20. There was much more Snapchat-esque ultranarrow pics there, not all from Snapchat even. When I was drag&dropping (chaotically) into Seamonkey Composer, instead of localizing the files to the file or even linking them absolute from their original location, it ended up all being just base64 data urls in the img tags! And that turned out to be quite smaller (by about a fifth iirc) than `du` says for the original folders, so I suppose with the HTTP overhead it wouldn't have been much better than that either. A 500KB webpage that loads quite pleasingly to the eye when set to "GPRS" throttling in the browser. Because of feeling too awkwardly with the size of some of the pictures and I wanted a very birdseye view, I decided to have the 376px images in img height="94" tags. Users can use their zoom. And JPEG needed that greater resolution to handle details correctly, anyway. The former thing, the spacehey profile, was also fun. The CSS stuff I did on that profile, and how i was getting started with spacehey, I am planning to elaborate on in another gemlog post.