# Getting up to test my calculator's IrDA ## 2022-03-28 Today I tried using infrared between my HP-49+ and my Palm IIIxe. I also grabbed my IrDA dongle identifying as a Kingsun KS-959. Tried plugging it first into my recent Windows 10 (also turns out my version of Win 10 no longer has irmon, but earlier ones did have). I tried printing via IR from the 49g+ but it turns out it uses RedEye protocol for that. I tried SEND and RECV from FILES but it didn't work. I tried "Transfer..." and there for IrDA i can choose Kermit and XModem, but as I haven't yet been able to use anything else on that Palm of mine than plain Beam (because I can't put anything on it), and I even tried pulling out my Palm Z22 but it turned out to be too discharged to use right now, and while I tried to use it, the IRWatch program that I have on there also wasn't showing anything. On a PopOS 21.04 laptop, after `obexpushd -I -d` returning a ```IRObex_ServerRegister: Address family not supported by protocol IRObex_ServerRegister: Address family not supported by protocol ``` I turned to installing some Ubuntu 18.04 archives version of irda-utils, then it took me some time before my dongle even shown up as a device and I'm not sure what I did but I think i did something, tried irdadump, and irattach with `/dev/bus/usb/...`, nothing has shown anything. I really need to obtain a serial port USB adapter, I need to be able to start using my Palm IIIxe again. They got expensive these days, around 70PLN a piece! Can't remember if I even tried HotSyncing my Z22, but I don't want to clutter my computers with configuring it yet, I want a clean slate for setting up my Palm IIIxe first. Maybe I will try with JPilot later, maybe on the PopOS laptop maybe on the OpenBSD ThinkPad, since with JPilot I can be sure I can move the config files easily. Wondering if I should have NetBSD on something for that. And what Linux distro is best for this stuff... idk Slackware? Or maybe I should just grab some old versions of the popular ones?