# RSS by hand? Gemlog index by hand? A gemlog index for a tinylog? ## 2022-08-28 I am considering making an RSS feed by hand, and even a Gemlog index by hand, on my flounder.online page, replacing the link to the problematic flounder's Atom feed. Inspired by => https://functional.cafe/web/@neauoire@merveilles.town/108025545929208326 => https://merveilles.town/@neauoire/108025545674636964 - Devine Lu Linvega from Hundred Rabbits saying on fedi: > For the 100r RSS, we just write it by hand, it's a very painless process. I may end up using mostly just their handwritten feed as reference. And I will probably markup the content with HTML and not with plain text, even if for RSS feeds the readers handle plain text properly unlike in case of Flouder's Atom feed having text/plain content tags. And no need to also make an Atom feed (that would be HTML), right? I also discovered Antenna and I gotta sit down to having myself read Gemini regularly, as well as I got some geminispace and web discoveries and need to add them to my links pages, or maybe just as part of a gemlog. But that is related to how I am in doubt whether I should make multi-topic gemlog posts. One thing I just did is replacing the autogenerated gemlog/index.gmi with one written by hand. Already making a mistake in filename at first for the new post - i may need to write myself a static checker for dead links at least. I can finally be free from the worry about how will Flounder semi-randomly sort the same-date posts for me! (I saw the code. Linked it in previous posts, even.) I also enjoy much how ew0k's Antenna suggests in its FAQ a way to unificate tinylog feeds with gemlog feeds, by making a separate dated-links (they could have fragment urls after a #, for the likes of tinylogs that have date headers!) => gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/about.gmi#FAQ