# i've been doing: wiki1 revival. Seamonkey Composer usage. ## 2022-01-22 So looking at flounder, and at all the stuff about formatting that i use extensively on wiki1, at how i need redirections for a wiki, and how flounder may give me a lot for general audience in case of gemlog (nice index, rss, stuff like that), it doesn't really give me much in case of my wiki. So I decided I wanted it HTML after all. I was long fascinated by Seamonkey Composer. The tags view seemed very appealing (it turned out not to be too pleasant to use as I imagined it, after all). It seemed to have the options for preserving source formatting of edited files. So I did a cleanup of wiki1. And I decided to add mostly-global css. But since I wanted to have the css work locally for me, I do link rel stylesheet relatively (../, ../../, ../../../..) in all subpages that i apply it to; so that's not quite neat. And Seamonkey composer sometimes happened to just delete the link rel stylesheet line for me on save? Besides always adding newlines to all blank lines whenever i saved from Source pane (saving switches the user to the wysiwyg pane always) back when i still had any belief in the "Preserve original source formatting option". And it keeps adding HTML 4.01 doctype for me. And all links have a `moz-do-not-send="true"` attribute. And whenever I drag or paste a link it makes it absolute, including my local file:///C:/Users path prefix in the href attr, so I have to right-click Link properties and checkbox relative to restore it. And some stuff are hidden in menus without a keyboard shortcut? Like tags like ? So yea I get quite an ergonomic penalty there. But I feel i still may feel better in it? Some stuff about source editing I just had too much of I think. See => https://wiki1.mikf.pl Cheers ~Mika