# what ive been doing today morning and recently ## 2022-01-21 ### Today morning I * finished, from yesterday, making my nixos configuration no longer need git repo branches per machine, instead using nixosConfigurations. I used `specialArgs` and individual modules to pass machine-specific stuff to the generalized configuration.nix and even hardware-configuration.nix => https://github.com/mkf/etc-nixos/blob/26de82c383c8ef943c385b48bbc86d330bbb7eaf/flake.nix * i had to comment out all nvidia driver stuff from one of my laptop's nixos configuration, because new releases's channel's default driver version now started saying my GPU is legacy as i mentioned in yesterday's post, and legacy drivers failed to build when selected. the laptop now seems to kp at suspend wakeup. * cherry-picked some changes from my one laptop's branch of my ~/.nix-defexpr channel for nix-env into my other laptop's branch making them alike again in order to soon be able to unify them into some flake thing in a single branch, probably this new `nix profile` command should underdocumentedly support something like that now ### Recently I * decided to maybe try to fork flounder into something much simpler, removing most of the codebase to make it a single-user git-webhooked gemini server for my stuff while also learning that part of flounder's codebase in order to enable myself into contributing. so far i did one commit > "just carelessly and breakingly removing stuff i wont need, related to users and stuff" > committed 2 days ago (2022-01-19 19:43 CET) > 1 parent 341e764 commit 4e4307cdbe02df22d62848604849b8d72ab1b1cf > Showing 11 changed files with 2 additions and 1,122 deletions. > D +0 −162 deleted admin.go > D +0 −14 deleted auth.go > M +0 −7 modified config.go > M +0 −144 modified db.go > M +0 −10 modified example-config.toml > D +0 −68 deleted finger.go > M +0 −12 modified flounder_test.go > M +0 −585 modified http.go > D +0 −19 deleted mail.go > M +0 −8 modified main.go > M +2 −93 modified utils.go * the main thing to motivate me to start this forking flounder was how flounder doesn't have redirections yet * considering i'm partially maining windows now, i looked into what options there are for synchronizing my Palm PalmOS devices using that windows machine of mine, and it turned out that: 1) you seem to have to fiddle with 3rd party drivers for modern windows versions, 2) some folks run Ubuntu VMs in order to run jpilot, 3) yeah totally use Palm Desktop! So I may try doing Palm Desktop, I can't quite remember how it is when you sync with many unsynced desktops, with different programs even - and i still may want to also sync with a jpilot installation.