So Flounder doesn't generate directory listings via gemini and I emailed Alex

This site ("capsule"), with a custom domain, is hosted on Flounder as


I am having a web wiki of mine at, and I wanted to have something similar at on Gemini. And I decided that I want the directory listings and descriptive filenames to do all the job of index pages this time — so I made the folders not have an index.gmi file.

see yesterday's gemlog about that


All looked fine while i was only looking at things via https proxying. But when I took to a Gemini browser, it turned out that for folders without index.gmi a Not Found error is returned instead of the directory listing. (that does not apply to the /gemlog folder as it has a special listing behavior to it)

That was confirmed in Kristall on desktop and Ariane and deedum on Android by me, and on Lagrange by a friend of mine.

The directory listings weren't just an undocumented behavior that happened to occur in the proxy, but they are actually mentioned in the Flounder's admin./ Tips and Tricks in the section "Use folders":


Folders will list all the files contained within them, or redirect to an "index.gmi" file, if it exists.

I then decided to drop an email as he says to do at the bottom of, so today at 7:55 AM CEST I wrote to him:

Subject: Flounder: No directory listings via Gemini

Hello Alex,

I have noticed that directory listings on Flounder are only shown via https proxying and not via Gemini (a Not Found error occurs).

That seems against Tips And Tricks "Use directories" and thus a bug.



Custom domain:


Thanks for Flounder,

Mika Feiler

I will now thus probably keep the /w/ Gemini-non-functional, due to having provided it as an example and hoping for a fix maybe.

Update: 12:10 CEST (3:10 AM UTC-7) I got a reply from Alex:

Hi mika! Glad you’re enjoying flounder. This is an open bug that is being tracked in the bug tracker, i just havent gotten around to fixing it »

All the best,


I found the issue he referred to:

The bug remains unfixed for five months now (the issue is dated March 10th), so I will probably just take to generate my own indexes probably.

Since Flounder is written in Go, maybe I will end up contributing myself? though? Am I able enough?

P.S. Turns out Gemtext has line quotes! This post previously extensively and cumbersomely used « » (for each paragraph of an email)