I already had https://wiki1.mikf.pl but now there's gonna be //g.mikf.pl/w

Gemtext is easier and i am extremely too lazy to SSG after all. I have plans and dreams but i never do



will function alongside my HTML


I have so far rewritten


to be


I had to look for a word that would come up high if not first in lexical order, so i will be now doing 'adventitious_tips.gmi' instead of just dropping such tips in the index like in the wiki1 index, also i cant just name stuff 'haiku' now but the names have to be descriptive if i want to not have to create a manually maintained index page for them.

i still gotta get around to the aggregators and all the other stuff that i saw exists, damn gemlogs are nice

i wanted to have a weblog for some time but i wanted to SSG all the fancy metatags to it first and i procrastinated; gemini folks seem to like links in content (ig in part because everything is so lightweight!) so i dont feel like i have to copy-paste a /w article to say i've written it