Mika Feiler



an unemployed programmer from Poznań, no longer a student

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This here what you're at now is my home gem-site.

I am hosting a wiki knowledge base of mine on there

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About me

Location: Poznań

Hometown: Toruń

I last had programming internships back in high school in 2016 & 2017 (DLabs (2×), kapware).

Having then spent four years on unsuccessfully pursuing an undergraduate degree on AMU Poznań and UMK Toruń, I haven't allowed myself to do hobby programming projects or professional activity and have thus suffered from something akin to a burnout.

I am presently a NEET, might soon pursue a professional degree of an archivist in an evening vocational school — in part to maintain a public health insurance.

My further presence in Poznań, because of my relationship and significant other factors, is critical to my well-being, and is dependent on me finding a job to sustain myself very soon.